Howdy Freelancers! The Anthem store reset for the 10th of September is now live! Let’s dive in and check out what cosmetic items we have available for the next few days.


Crystal Rose: 61,000 Coin or 850 Shards – This Wrap is perfect if you want to pretend your Javelin is literally made of rose gold crystal. I think this is going to appeal to a lot of Freelancers, myself included.

Planar Shift: 61,000 Coin or 850 Shards – This Wrap has a lot going on with it. It sort of looks like what happens to a CRT monitor if you put a magnet too close to it. For that kind of nostalgia alone, I think it’s worth owning.


Dragon Scales 2 (Metal): 12,000 Coin or 300 Shards – The second in the line of Dragon Scales available to decorate your Javelin with. Honestly, I love this Material and would love to apply it to a Storm, I can’t see anything else being more appropriate.


Kung Fu: 23,000 Coin or 475 Shards – Quite a good Emote, I think this one’s an Arrival though. I don’t see a better way to jump in at the end of a mission and scare the crap out of your fellow Freelancers.


Spliced Venom: 36,000 Coin or 600 Shards – I saw this in a recent datamine of Anthem’s 1.40 update. I have to say that this is my favourite Graphic of all of them in this update, and I’ll definitely be getting my hands on it as soon as possible.


Phased: 6,000 coin or 200 Shards – If you’ve paying attention to other games in the world that aren’t Anthem or Greedfall, then you might think this looks a little like the protagonist in Blasphemous. I’m with you on that, but it’s a bit more cheery in my eyes.

My Take

This is the week that I can get my hands on my favourite Graphic, so I’m very happy. The Wraps don’t look as good as they have been this week, but like I said, the Crystal Rose one is definitely going to be appealing to a huge chunk of Anthem players.

Let me know what you get in the comments.

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