Howdy Freelancers! Since we’ve got the week 5 rotation of the Cataclysm for another week, it looks like the optimal path has changed once again, netting some of you this kind of score.

Freelancer deathsdoor_rift posted a video of their run at the Cataclysm in which they earned a score of 19,716,192. Check it out below and read on for more details.

I recently saw an optimal run and posted about it here. However, this was an optimal run at week 4 of the Cataclysm. Even so, I thought that the route should still apply, since it was made with the final arena in mind. The run shouldn’t really change since Freelancers will be moving through the final arena and onto Vara.

Their run definitely differs though, moving straight onto a completely different arena to the second one that I, and most of you, take each time.

These guys have the Cataclysm run down to an absolute art though. they’ve worked out the best timings to earn the most points from each arena, and they’re really on it with keeping that score as high as possible. Even on the first arena there is a time limit at which they will reset if they haven’t taken out the first crystal, because it’s an easy reset for quite a lot of points.

Something I noticed is that they don’t even start the run until all of their Ultimate abilities are ready to go. Watching them is like watching speedrunners at AGDQ, they know exactly what they’re doing, and watching them feels like more of a movie that was directed rather than actual gameplay.

A big part of their tactic also seems to be sending off Freelancers to complete arenas on their own separate from the group. This makes sense since there are a few that you can easily complete on your own, while others have so many enemies that a team is required. One Freelancer even heads off to take on Vara early, which I think is mental in itself, but it’s why they can wait until under 2 minutes to go before the rest of the team jump in to take her down.

I’m super impressed by this team of Freelancers, and I can’t wait to see someone else beat their score. If that’s even possible, tell me your score in the comments.

Image Source: Game Watcher

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