Howdy Freelancers! Greedfall launched earlier this week, and since it’s pretty close to a BioWare game, I’m covering it from now on. The reviews are out from most press outlets, so let’s see what they had to say.


Metacritic is always a tricky website to judge a game on, even though it’s what most people use. On Playstation 4 Greedfall has a score of 74, On PC it’s 76, which is the difference between a positive score and a mixed score, and on Xbox One its score is 77. I think it’s safe to call this one at 76 since it’s the median score, but generally the reception on Metacritic has been quite positive.

Eurogamer: Recommended

Eurogamer operate a three tier review system, which means you either avoid a game, definitely get it, or have the knowledge that it’s good. Recommended is that middle score that suggests you might enjoy it, but it’s not quite essential.

In their review they criticise the game for its shortfalls, which is fair. Apparently the RPG elements aren’t quite where players feel they need to be at, and the game’s story leaves a lot to be desired in terms of a resolution. The biggest niggle from them is that the colonists who have overtaken Teer Fradee have done so under the guise of looking for a cure, but really they’re ravaging the island for their own profit. There’s never a conclusion to the situation, and in the end it seems that, while kindness is encouraged towards natives, how you behave in the game matters very little on this point.

Gaming Trend: 80/100

Gaming Trend’s generous review score of 80 comes with a decent list of pros and cons for Greedfall.


First, the voice acting is apparently top notch. This is hardly a surprise when you know a little about the background of said voice acting. The developers, Spiders, even went so far as to bring in language experts to help develop the native tongue of those who lived on Teer Fradee before the colonisation.

Another pro is that the combat has a much deeper level to it than you first think. I’ve seen this first hand, and it makes the game far more enjoyable. Leading on from this, weapon and armour customisation in Greedfall is incredibly satisfying. You can have kit for every possible encounter, even non-lethal ones that simply need you to look a certain way.

The less frequent talents, skills, and abilities in Greedfall force players to make important choices about how they are developing their character. This is almost certainly a good thing, unless you wanted a game more like Skyrim where you become progressively more overpowered.

The final pro is the performance of the game on every piece of hardware. I’ve only got it for Playstation 4, but apparently it runs well on PC and Xbox One too.


Greedfall has bugs. This is to be expected in a new game, but if there are any game breaking bugs then it could make the game unplayable. The support for controllers is said to be awful in Greedfall, though I think this might be something to do with the PC version of the game only.

An issue with voice repetition is seriously annoying according to Gaming Trend. I can see this being a problem, but it’s also prevalent in most triple A RPGS, such as Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The graphics in Greedfall tend to wobble from time to time, but it doesn’t sound like this is too big of an issue.

The final con is a lack of larger enemies. I think this is something that will evolve over time though, because Greedfall is a brand new title. Spiders no doubt have a post-release content plan, and I’d be shocked if it didn’t involve introducing new, huge enemies.

God is a Geek: 7/10

God is a Geek’s review score seems to be in line with what everyone else is saying. They’ve also got a comprehensive list of pros and cons that seem to tell the story of their time with the game.


God is a Geek loved the combat in Greedfall, and I think it’s a strong point of the game. There’s a deep magical system in addition to weapons and armour, all of which work together to form a beautiful dance of death. The addition of a combat pause system, similar to that of Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition, allows players time to prepare their next move, without the combat ever feeling like it has dulled at all.

Interestingly God is a Geek praise Greedfall’s story. In all honestly I think the issue that Eurogamer had with it was the non-resolution to the issue of colonisation, and how it greatly parody’s many situations from throughout human history.

The final pro from God is a Geek is for the crafting system in Greedfall. I have to say that I’ve not explored this in-depth yet, but it looks to be that players have a wide range of items to create and use to help them in any situation they find themselves in.


God is a Geek site performance issues as a big con for Greedfall. They reviewed the game on Xbox One, which leads me to believe that there are some optimisation issues there, as well as on PC.

Side quests are another con in the eyes of God is a Geek. It’s not that they don’t enjoy side quests in general, it’s more that those in Greedfall feel tedious in a way that echoes games from an older generation. With side quests such as those from The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt to live up to, Greedfall has obviously fallen short.

The final con, and point in general, that God is a Geek make about Greedfall is that it is unremarkable. But I don’t see this as a bad point necessarily. If you think back to the launch of Dragon Age Origins, yes it was considered good, but also unremarkable in terms of a comparison to Mass Effect. Dragon Age 2 was the real sleeper hit, finding a home with Dragon Age fans who still play it today, while the wider gaming audience didn’t enjoy it.

My Take

These are all the reviews I’m putting in here for now. GameSpot, IGN, and GameInformer all have, yet to post their reviews, but I’ll be adding them to the article as and when I see them.

I maintain that Greedfall is a good game for BioWare fans. It has everything that we want from a fantasy RPG, and it’s a new setting that we’re unfamiliar with. The new setting allows us to explore and understand the universe without knowing much of its history already, and the various sprawling quests provide us with plenty to play through.

The romance and relationship options are what interest me most about Greedfall, spoken like a true BioWare fan. You can actively draw hatred from companions by cheating on them, to the point that they will try to kill you. I think this game will be interesting to play through over and over again, putting my own stipulations on it as I go.

Let me know your thoughts on Greedfall in the comments.

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