Howdy Freelancers! As you may or may not have heard, Anthem has now joined a couple of EA’s subscription services.

As of this week we can now play Anthem through EA Access and Origin Access. In order to play it through EA Access you’ll need to have a EA Access Basic subscription, which costs £3.99 per month. Over on Origin Access you’ll need to be paying £14.99 a month, which is a lot more but you get access to a lot more stuff as well.

EA Access has been rolled out across both Xbox One and Playstation 4, and Anthem can also be played through those. EA Access is a subscription service on top of the console specific services, Xbox Live Gold and Playstation Plus. Both of these cost about £50 for a year, and a little over that if you pay monthly. In my opinion it’s not worth getting EA Access on consoles unless you’re playing loads of EA games. If you just want to play Anthem, buy a copy. I hear Australian retailers are selling it cheap.

It’s also worth noting that with EA Access you’ll only be able to access the standard edition of Anthem. The Legion of Dawn Edition, which comes with some extra armour and the game’s soundtrack, is available through Origin Access Premier. Again, I’d say just buy this edition of the game if you’re going to give it a go through the subscription service. Honestly for Fashion Fridays alone the additional armour is worth it.

Why is This a Big Deal?

EA bringing Anthem to both of these services means that loads more Freelancers are going to join the fray just because they’ve now got access to the game. EA have a big subscriber base, and even though most of them will be made up of sports fans or Sims 4 players, a good chunk of them will be willing to try Anthem since it’s available at no additional cost to them now.

There are still loads of people out there who believe Anthem is a dead game. These people are only going to be more and more wrong as time goes by, with more and more EA subscribers joining the Freelancer army.

Let me know what you think about this development in Anthem’s lifetime. I’ll see you beyond the wall new and old Freelancers.

Image Source: Engadget

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