Howdy Freelancers! In this Feature Request article we’re going to cover a feature suggestion from Reddit user vapoorer, a shooting range.


Anthem is a looter shooter in essence. Yes, there are mech suits, yes there are various different pieces of gear to collect, but at the game’s heart it is about shooting enemies, to get more guns, to shoot more enemies.

However, there’s no way to test out these weapons without taking them out into the world, finding some enemies, and shooting them. Personally I feel a bit irked by this as week as well because I’m forever equipping new weapons from the Cataclysm without ever really knowing how they work.

Test Weapons!

Being able to test our weapons before we go out into the world would be a massive benefit, and it’s not like BioWare couldn’t implement it. The Launch Bay was created based on feedback from Anthem’s betas, and it allows Freelancers to prat about in their Javelins, teaming up or waiting for their friends.

Having a door in the Launch Bay that went to a shooting range, or just a shooting range section in the Launch Bay, would be a great way to both test weapons, and show them off to other Freelancers. Personally I think it might also allow BioWare to do some behind the scenes matchmaking so that any Freelances jumping into missions are matched up much faster than usual.

Collect Weapons!

Another aspect of the shooting range that I think would be pretty cool, is being able to pick up and test any weapon you’ve previously owned. We all know that Vault space is an issue, even though it’s been increased. I’m not saying that BioWare should allow Freelancers to flaunt the Vault space they have by storing all weapons in a new area of the Launch Bay. Instead I think it would be beneficial for Freelancers to be able to try out every weapon they’ve ever previously owned, so that they can test them all out against everything they have. This would make crafting weapons less of a risk, because you’d know exactly what you’re getting as the end product, instead of crafting a weapon based on a vague memory of a weapon.

In my opinion, and at least one other Freelancer’s opinion, this is a really small quality of life improvement that would go a long way in Anthem. Let me know what you think of the idea of a shooting range in the comments.

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