Howdy Freelancers! Yesterday BioWare laid out what their plans for the future of Anthem are, and how those plans have changed from what they explained before the game’s launch. Let’s take a look at what they’ve said and digest it all together.

Learning From the Past

BioWare begin their blog post by outlining why they’re changing the future of Anthem. They site the PTS for the Cataclysm, a Public Test Server that invited PC Freelancers to try out the Cataclysm and provide feedback before its official launch.

As we know, BioWare learned a lot from players during this period, altering the Cataclysm in a great many ways. We can even see PTS Freelancers chiming in on the Anthem Reddit every now and then with explanations of what the Cataclysm was like before. Honestly, it sounds much better now.

As a result of the improvements they saw and enjoyed creating because of the PTS, BioWare has changed what they’re doing with the future of Anthem in terms of content updates.

No Acts for Anthem

Originally we had a live service roadmap for Anthem. This was made up of three Acts to begin with, but it has now been scrapped in favour of that system most MMOs are going with, seasons. BioWare hasn’t described how these seasons will work, but they’re calling the future content updates for Anthem seasons, so I think they’ll be pretty similar.

What I don’t think we’ll see is a season pass, which is what games like Destiny 2 are just now implementing. I think we will see a similar form of seasonal content though, with each one adding new stuff to Anthem. BioWare has described seasons as bringing new fun challenges around specific themes to Anthem.

Given the recent change to Emerald Abyss, I think that the first couple of seasons are going to focus on the other enemy factions, the Scars and the Outlaws. This would add a lot to the Anthem universe, because we’d get a bit of backstory on what are pretty much just enemies in another skin at this point.

My Take

As I’ve always said, we need to let BioWare evolve with the way they’re creating Anthem. It’s not as simple as being able to follow a set route. Anthem needs a different sort of aftercare than Destiny 2, World of Warcraft, and every other MMO. It needs regular content updates that we want, not that BioWare think we want.

Let me know your thoughts on this tiny bit of Anthem news in the comments.

Image Source: BioWare


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