Howdy Freelancers! EA has apparently been contact some of you out there who have purchased some Armour Packs from last Fridays Featured Store Reset.

Featured Store Reset for Friday the 13th of September


As you can see from the image above, last Fridays store reset saw two brand new Armour Packs come to Anthem. These were The Garotter and The Judicator. Going by the image above only, you’d be forgiven for being unclear about what Javelin they are for. Normally the symbols in the top right of these images indicate whether the Armour Pack is for a Ranger, Storm, Interceptor, or Colossus Javelin. Here however, we see all four symbols in the top right hand corner, despite the images quite clearly showing The Garotter Armour Pack on a Ranger, and The Judicator Armour Pack on a Colossus.

EA Messed Up!

Apparently the images of the Armour Packs themselves are a much better indicator of which Javelin they’re for, since EA has emailed those who purchased the packs offering to refund them. See the email below.

The email basically says that EA made a mistake, but they want to offer a solution. They point out how the images of the packs advertised them as being available for all Javelins, and they have received several complaints about the truth that they are not in fact open for use on all Javelins.

The email simply ends by stating that EA is just going to refund the purchases, without any clear indicator of whether or not Shards were used to purchase them. Coin is the in-game currency in Anthem that is earned through playing, while Shards is the premium currency that Freelancers need to spend real world money on.

My Take

Personally I think EA is simply refunding all Freelancers who purchased the Armour Packs regardless of the currency used. Coin is hard to earn, particularly 61,000 Coin, and I’d be livid if I’d purchased the Armour Pack for all my Javelins, only to see that it’s restricted to one. Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you’ve been affected by this please get in touch!

Images Source: Reddit

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