Howdy Freelancers! The last Featured store reset was on the 17th of September, Tuesday this week, because today nothing has changed!

Yesterday we were all expecting the usual Friday change around in the Featured store. This usually alters the inventory from Wraps, which generally enter the store on Tuesday resets, to Armour Packs. Personally I love the Armour Packs more and wish they would add more.

Why Did the Featured Store Not Reset in Anthem Yesterday?

While it’s easy to jump on the BioWare-bashing bandwagon and say ‘because Anthem is broken’, that’s definitely not the case. In fact, the actual cause is more than likely completely the opposite of BioWare either breaking Anthem, or not listening to the community.

Freelancers Want to Save

There’s long been a complaint from Freelancers, like myself, who don’t always have time to play Anthem everyday. We are the minority who can’t engage in daily challenges, earning Coin left, right, and centre. What we have in our wallets is finite, and we save it for the cosmetics we really, desperately want to get our hands on.

As a result, some of us have been reaching out to BioWare, quietly tapping them on the shoulder and requesting that they maybe consider dropping one of the Featured store resets a week. This would give us time to save up to purchase something every time the store resets, and keep us happy as well as those who play Anthem all the time.

More Cosmetics in the Long Run

I also think that BioWare has probably pulled the plug on one of the Featured store resets because it’s exhausting their assets. Only a few items return to the Featured store in the regular rotation, with Armour Packs and Wraps generally being new every time there’s a reset.

This must put a tremendous strain in the staff at BioWare to design and implement these new cosmetics in the game each and every week. By dropping one Featured store reset they actually stand a chance of going home once a week.

Does the End of the Cataclysm Have Something to do With it?

There’s a small possibility that because the end of the Cataclysm is approaching, BioWare has simply let go for a week while things play out. It could be that there’s something really special on the way, and we’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

In my head I’m thinking of an event similar to the season finales in Fortnite, but I think that would be a big ask for a game like Anthem. At the very least I think BioWare is listening to the community. We all know that two store resets a week is mental, so why not drop it to one? Most other MMOs only have one reset per week, or even less!

Let me know what you think of the dropped weekly reset in the comments. Is this something that’s going to be a permanent change, or is it just for one week?

Image Source: Gamewatcher

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