Howdy Freelancers! Much like how I recommended Greedfall to you all, in today’s article I’m doing something similar for Borderlands 3!

Why is Borderlands 3 a Game Anthem Fans Will Enjoy?

To get into why Freelancers, that’s what I call Anthem fans and players, will enjoy Borderlands 3, I need to break the game down into the core mechanics. This will help you appreciate exactly where you’ll fit in with loving Borderlands 3.

1 – Borderlands 3 is a Looter Shooter

Just like Anthem is at its heart, Borderlands 3 is a PVE focused looter shooter. Players run around completing quests, earning currency and, more importantly, new weapons and gear.

Initially it’s important to get the best gear and weapons going, but after a while you can hold onto the ones you find you fight best with, really doubling down on your play style and the way you want to fight moving forward.

There are billions of potential weapons to gather, so there’s no limits on the game in terms of when you’ll have seen everything. Ultimately Borderlands 3 is a sort of non-MMO, but very much an MMO.

2 – Borderlands 3 has RPG Elements

While in Anthem we earn gear and weapons to min/max Javelins for specific purposes, such as having as much ammo as possible to blast enemies with, or earning health for melee kills so we know when we’re low we can get it back quickly. In Borderlands 3, there are actual RPG perks.

The perks in Borderlands 3 differ for each character, of which there are four. You can reset the perks you’ve chosen at anytime in order to create a new build based on certain types of play style, and it’s pretty deep. With 50 levels to get through, and them some bigger perks on top of that, the customisation is extremely rich, without taking into account eh customisation options.

3 – Borderlands 3 has Co-op

Yes, Borderlands 3 is a primarily co-op focused experience. It is possible to do some PVP, but really it’s all about teaming up with your fellow Vault Hunters, that’s what players are called for Borderlands 3, and progressing through missions in search of loot.

Anthem requires you to be always online, and that’s because it’s an MMO. Borderlands 3 doesn’t have this stipulation, meaning you can truly have a solo experience, play online with friends, or play with local split screen co-op. That last one is my favourite.

4 – Borderlands 3 has an Endgame

Unlike most other titles that aren’t MMOs, Borderlands 3 has an endgame. There’s certainly an end to the campaign, which I suspect will be built upon with free updates, but right now there is an endgame to keep you coming back. This endgame takes the form of an arena with a horde mode that gets increasingly harder. Obviously the loot gets better for the harder modes, so it’s well worth your time once you’ve completed the game.

5 – Borderlands 3 is a Sci-Fi Shooter

Anthem is a sci-fi shooter, no two ways about it. I wouldn’t be recommending Borderlands 3 if it was set on Earth in the present day, it wouldn’t make sense. But as it is, Borderlands 3 is a sci-fi shooter that is just perfect for anyone who wants more Anthem, but a change of setting. It’s a great little holiday from the hardcore MMO, and it’ll still be there when you take a break from it to jump back into your Javelin.

Where is Borderlands 3 in the BioWare Sphere of Games?

With Greedfall I explained where it was in the general sphere of BioWare titles, even though it’s not a game developed by BioWare. Borderlands 3 isn’t any different, but it is certainly more out there.

Core BioWare games have a unique setting, and Borderlands 3 has that, in fact it has a few. However, Borderlands 3 doesn’t have the hard decision making mechanics, romance options, third person viewpoint, or game changing systems that operate on how your character behaves.

Borderlands 3 is well outside of the BioWare game sphere. It’s like Pluto, on an elliptical orbit with BioWare games, and therefore not quite in the same family. It’s got the looter shooter thing down for Anthem fans, and it’s got a decent RPG system for everyone else.

This is why I’m saying Borderlands 3 is definitely for Anthem fans, Freelancers, but not all BioWare fans. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: PC Gamer


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