Howdy Freelancers! Today we’re looking at a feature request from The Immersive Gamer. The feature revolves around a mini-game that could easily exist in Anthem, but just requires a bit of work first.

The Immersive Gamer writes about Anthem a lot, and I recommend checking them out because they’re really awesome. Be sure to check out some of the other Feature Request articles I’ve written, for example this one about a shooting range.

Territory Mini-Game

The idea for the Territory Mini-Game is really all about extending the endgame of Anthem like Ubisoft has extended that of The Division 2. If you’re not aware, once you finish The Division 2’s core story, the whole map is overtaken by high level enemies, meaning players need to retake everything again.

In Anthem, when you finish the story that’s sort of it, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Immersive Gamer proposes that once you finish the story, an Operations Centre opens. This area is the hub for Sentinels fighting against other factions in Bastion, run by Commander Vule and Grandmaster Adams.

War Map

The Operations Centre would house the War Map, a map that Freelancers can view to see where in Bastion our influence is waning. This would also indicate where the Sentinels need help to push back against enemy factions in the world.

The rewards for taking part in this tug of war gameplay would be Coin, XP, and resources. The Immersive Gamer also points out that unique rewards could be tied to the activity, possibly even challenges that drop certain items as rewards for specific amounts of interaction with the Territory Mini-Game.

How Does it Work?

The best way for this feature to work would be as a turn based battle, evolving week by week. Freelancers would earn points in certain areas by completing activities there, fighting the enemy factions, and generally being around to push back against the enemy. After a week, the map would change to display where Freelancers had helped Sentinels push back against enemy factions, increasing their territory in this mini-game.

However, each week the map would also evolve to show encroaching enemy presence wherever Freelancers had been ignoring. Basically, unless Freelancers are pushing back against enemies at the same rate everywhere, there will be somewhere new to fight each week.


This idea has potential for big events in the world of Anthem. Striders could move about the map to strategic locations, or be destroyed as enemies move in. There could even be ambushes in areas we all think are safe, depending on how they link to other parts of Bastion.

My Take

This idea is the culmination of everything that BioWare was talking about before Anthem launched. They’ve had to take a break to make a lot of fixes, but I feel like Anthem is definitely getting closer to what it needs to be. With a mini-game like this one that The Immersive Gamer has created, I think that the world would be a much more interesting place to return to every day.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: Reddit

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