Howdy Green Bloods! Spiders has given us a glimpse behind the curtain, and what they’re trying to fix with the upcoming patch for Greedfall.

Patch Coming Soon

While we don’t have a date for when this patch for Greedfall is coming, we do know what it’s aiming to fix. There are quite a few bugs that seriously harm the game at the moment, and thankfully this patch is going to see to a lot of them. Let’s dive into what is getting fixed, and see if we can gleam some other fixes from the notes.

Bugged Quests are getting debugged. There are a number of issues with certain quests that can stop you completing them, stop them starting, or just crash the game. Hopefully this patch sees to all of that.

This patch aims to give payers more control over the camera, which should help negate camera bobbing. It’s great when a game has a good camera that does everything you want it to, but Greedfall needs a lot of work in this department.

Invert X-axis option will be added to Greedfall with this next patch. I don’t know why you’d need this, but there it is.

Ranged Shadow Impact is getting modified with this patch. This is a ranged mage skill that clearly hasn’t been working as intended, so at least now we’ll know how it’s meant to work.

Several areas of Greedfall have issues with aggro on enemies, causing unnecessary fights and breaking stealth in a few cases. These areas are being fixed so that they work as intended, which again I hope is how we want it to be.

Trophies are getting debugged with this patch as well. This is primarily a fix for players like me, who play Greedfall on PS4. I’m really pleased that I’ll now be able to get these trophies, and that Platinum, but I also hope that other achievement systems see fixes.

Several localisation issues with French, Chinese, Russian, Polish, English, and Portuguese are getting fixed. There’s nothing worse than a language issue in a game, it really can ruin your immersion. I haven’t experienced this myself, but I hope that this makes life better for all you Green Bloods.

My Take

That’s everything about the patch that Spiders has revealed so far. They added that there will be more in the patch, but they’ll be telling us about what is getting fixed closer to the time that the patch is ready for release.

Let me know what you think of these fixes so far, and how desperately you need them.

Image Source: Gamepur

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