Howdy Vault Hunters! Today I’m looking at the hotfix notes for the Borderlands 3 hotfix that launched this week on September 27th 2019.

Weapon Hotfixes

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles felt slightly cumbersome before, even though they deal a high amount of damage. These changes are designed to make them more usable in combat situations.

  • Critical Damage increased by 20%
  • Fire Rate increased by 15%
  • Time to Aim Down Sights (ADS) reduced by 15%
  • Time to Equip reduced by 20%


These pistol changes are designed to bring all pistols closer together in terms of damage against crowds. Some manufactures were more powerful than others, while more still were too weak.

  • Increased damage on all TEDIORE Pistols by 15%
  • Increased damage on all DAHL Pistols by 15%
  • Increased damage on all Children of the Vault Pistols by 20%
  • Reduced damage on Jakobs Pistols by 15%
  • Reduced damage on Torgue Pistols by 10%

Maliwan Manufacturer

The changes to Maliwan weaponry is designed to return some of the overall damage that was removed prior to release. This should make elemental builds faster, and more efficient.

  • All Maliwan Weapon Damage increased by 25%
  • All Maliwan Weapon Fire Rate increased by 20%

Atlas Manufacturer

Atlas weapons required a setup that most players haven’t deemed worth it for the additional damage they do. This change makes them much more worthwhile, without the need for that setup.

  • All Atlas Weapon Damage increased by 25%

Miscellaneous Adjustments

These changes are designed to fix issues with specific weapons that Gearbox Software has identified based on the way Vault Hunters have been playing Borderlands 3.

  • Jakobs Assault Rifles Damage increased by 20%
  • DAHL SMG Damage increased by 10%
  • Vladof Heavy Weapon Damage increased by 25%
  • E-Tech TEDIORE Shotgun Damage increased by 50%

Legendary Modifications

Wider Legendary Modifications changes will be made int he future, but for now this is what Gearbox Software is doing to level out a couple of weapons in Borderlands 3 for now.

  • King’s and Queen’s Call Fire Rate reduced by 50%
  • Firestorm and Storm base Charge Times were reduced to 1 second (down from 2)


Graveward has been given a few boosts to make him a more formidable boss. According to Gearbox Software it was too easy to take this boss down, particularly with elemental damage, so here’s how it’s been changed.

  • Attacks of Graveward now scale based on level
  • Reduced overall health by 20%
  • Increased resistances to Elemental Damage
    – Elemental Chance Resistance increased by 70%
    – Elemental Resistances increased by 30%
    – Elemental DoT Duration taken reduced by 30%

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Hollow Point Guardian Rank has been temporarily disabled. We plan on addressing this further in a future patch.
  • Vault Hunters should no longer scream when affected by a DoT while shields are active.
  • Vending Machines will now be restocked with higher quality “Items of the Day”.
  • Adjusted a visual concern on Maliwan Shotguns with Cryo Element.
  • Legendary loot drops have been balanced throughout the game. Crew Challenge enemies will drop their intended specific loot, and some enemies like Troy and Rampager will be a bit more stingy and no longer drop Legendaries every kill.

Vault Hunter Adjustments


Zane’s gadgets lacked impact moving up through the levels towards the end of the game. These changes are designed to make those gadgets more impactful for longer.

  • Digi-Clone Damage Increased by 38%
  • Drone Damage increased by 50%
    – Cryo Bullets damage penalty removed
    – Drone Rocket damage increased by 50%
    – Almighty Ordnance Rockets damage increased by 75%


  • Guardian Angel health restoration reduced from 100% to 50%
  • Glamour damage penalty reduced from -30% to -10%


Certain builds with FL4K were completely overpowered, and needed to be taken down a peg. These adjustments do just that, and hopefully make for a more balanced experience.

  • Guerillas in the Mist duration reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Guerillas in the Mist Critical Damage Bonus reduced from 50% to 25%

Let me know what you think of the hotfix in the comments Vault Hunters!

Image Source: Forbes

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