Howdy Freelancers! Today I’m checking out one Freelancer’s request that BioWare adds dragons to Anthem, making it more like a futuristic Skyrim.


Okay so where to begin with this feature idea? Well the Freelancer who posted this request, Reddit user ST31NM4N, compared the feeling of traversing Bastion to the feeling you get when out and about exploring Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls 5.

I can see where they’re coming from, because both games have huge open worlds that are simply fun to explore on their own. While both games have loads of other things going for them, part of the joy of playing both Anthem and Skyrim is just exploring and looking at the world.

How Could BioWare Add Dragons to Anthem?

Actually implementing Dragons in Anthem isn’t as hard as it might seem at first. BioWare could justify their creation as something the Anthem of Creation randomly did for one of their future seasons. Some of the creatures we see in Anthem are much crazier than a dragon, so why not just add dragons?

The dragons in Anthem could all be the same. They could be giant enemies that require Freelancers to team up and fight against in Freeplay, offering unique rewards upon death. Equally there could be loads of different types of dragon, created in the lead up to a dragon-themed Cataclysm.

Season of the Dragon

I’m getting quite carried away with this feature request now, but bear with me. With BioWare shifting their content for Anthem to seasons, they can bring dragons to Bastion as a test for just one season.

In this season, the Anthem of Creation has created dragons, loads of them. There could be dragon variants of every species we know of, plus a couple of really big ones for the aforementioned Freeplay encounters.

Over the course of the season Freelancers would need to cull the dragon population by killing them in missions, Freeplay, and a new Stronghold that’s completely themed around dragons.

At the end of Season of the Dragon, Freelancers would enter a Cataclsym that’s fulled with dragons. The boss would be the largest dragon of them all, and able to talk. Of course the Freelancers would save the day, but I can’t help feeling that this would be a really fun expansion all the same.

My Take

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that I’m on board with the idea of dragons in Anthem. Thematically it definitely works, and it would be amazing to have scary corners of the map where dragons might pop up at any time.

Combining one of the best aspects of Skyrim with Anthem sounds like a great idea to me. Let me know what you think about it in the comments.

Image Source: GamesRadar


  1. I think adding dragons to Anthem would be amazing to be able to fight creatures that are absolutely strong and fast and chase you throughout the environment would be awesome I look forward to taking down on some dragons

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