Howdy Freelancers! Someone has come up with a really great idea for a new horde mode in Anthem, so we’re going to explore that right here.

Horde Mode

The concept, created by Reddit user JavelinGayming, was inspired by the Cataclysm, which also had a horde mode if you weren’t aware. This new horde mode would be part of shaper relic malfunctions, which cause swirling clouds, huge lightning strikes with powerful explosions, and the creation of life before our eyes.

Story Link

The Shaper Relic malfunction that causes these horde modes, and storms they reside in, to appear would be too powerful for a Javelin to enter right away. Instead each one would bring new story content to Anthem, with a new NPC offering us a mission that will end up getting us a shield for use in the storm.

The idea is simple, with a mission requiring us to shoot, kill, collect, and return, but in the end the NPC would create a brand new in-game item. I also love the idea of linking this horde mode up with an NPC and smaller missions, because there are many MMOs that wouldn’t bother.

The Storms

When the storms are active there will be new dialogue from Faye warning us to wear our new shield. Once we enter, inversions similar to those from the Cataclysm will be applied, and we’ll need to fight through waves of enemies for big rewards.

Each time a storm appears the enemies within would be different. Some could be Scars, some Skorpions, and why not even some dragons for fun!


The idea for the gameplay within each storm is much more complex than destroying enemies though. First, Faye will instruct us to pick up the pieces of the broken Shaper Relic, and put them back together.

Each wave would be made up of a few rounds, with mini-bosses in-between that are holding pieces of the relic. Once you’ve made it to the end of the fifth wave, a huge boss would appear, the big boss of the event, holding the final piece of the relic that you need.

Defeating this boss would allow you to complete the event, and hopefully earn some really sweet loot.

My Take

JavelinGayming said that this idea is unfinished, but it seems pretty complete to me. I love the idea of these storms being linked into story missions, because it would slowly add more story to Anthem in an organic way that sees the game evolve. These storms could even lead up to a larger storm that has some big bad evil thing in it that’s somehow controlling everything that’s been happening up until now.

However the idea shapes up moving forward, I think this is definitely something BioWare should consider adding to Anthem. They’ve already had a horde mode with the Cataclysm live, so why not build upon that gameplay and create something that has some real longevity, and potential to evolve the games world moving forward?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: VULKK

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