Howdy Ghosts! Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches in a few days, and I wanted to go through a few of the reasons I think that BioWare fans should play it.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the latest in the Ghost Recon game series from Ubisoft. The games have evolved greatly from their origins on the PC, and now feature lush open worlds and other elements that BioWare fans will find appealing.

1 – Big Open World

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set on the archipelago of Auroa. This small series of islands is home to lush green fields, bogs, dry deserts and farmland, snowy mountain peaks, and even a volcano.

Auroa is the perfect place for BioWare fans to explore, because there are lots of ways to get arounds, and fairly few limits. Once the story is complete there are no limits, apart from where you perceive them to be. This world is beautiful, stunning, and would look at home in a Dragon Age game if not for the drones.

2 – Lots of Loot

Ghost Recon games have shifted towards a loot system, similar to that found in Anthem. As you take enemies down, search the island for hidden treasures, or even just gather information, you’ll get new gear to equip your Ghost with.

Not only does this fit in for Anthem players, but it’s something that all BioWare fans enjoy. There’s nothing better than the pursuit of something that looks incredible, or is super powerful, and then finally getting it. That’s the feeling of the entire game in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

3 – Tactical Approach to Combat

Bear with me on this one. In Dragon Age Origins, and then again in Dragon Age Inquisition, as well as in Greedfall, there are heavy tactical elements to combat. It’s important to use the right equipment, spells, or even wait until the right time of day before taking on an enemy, boss, or group of creatures.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is no different, except it doesn’t have the tactical pause that these other games do. Instead, after the opening mission, players can use a drone to scope out locations that are filled with enemies. these locations feature fully furnished interiors with civilians to boot, so it’s important to know where you’re going and who you need to shoot.

I’ve had the best time waiting and finding every enemy with my drone before heading in to take each enemy down before the last one notices. Of course things can go wrong, and there are an array of items to help with that, but the feeling of hunting the enemy soldiers like prey is akin to only the satisfaction you feel once you unpause combat in the aforementioned games, and watch your plan destroy the enemy.

4 – Fashion

You’re able to pick up loads of different gear to customise your Ghost with. At some point you unlock the ability to customise the gear too, which only leads to fun outfits. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Fashion Friday here we come.

5 – Side Quests

There are loads of side quests in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and they aren’t easy to figure out either. You can turn off map indicators so that you need to work out where to go, and what to do. Not only does this waste loads of time and distract from the main campaign, it’s loads of fun the fourteenth time around.

6 – A Little Bit of a Fantasy World

Auroa has every type of landscape and biome you can imagine. This place definitely doesn’t exist, but it’s being made to feel like it could. In BioWare games we’re invited to worlds that are absurd, but they’re grounded in reality in some way to make them feel real. Auroa is no different.

7 – RPG Elements

The skill tree in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is mental. There are four key options with about one hundred smaller skills to unlock as you level up. It will take a long time to unlock everything, and then even longer to craft the perfect build based on those perks. the RPG elements are deep, and they’re really only matched by something like Dragon Age.

There we go, seven reasons BioWare fans should play Ghost Recon Breakpoint. I’ll be playing, probably over on Mixer, so come and join me. Let me know what you think of the game in the comments.

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