Howdy Freelancers! With the Cataclysm behind us, one Freelancer thinks that their drunken dream is worthy of a feature addition to Anthem.

Today’s Feature Request comes from Reddit user hoboboyo, who posted the idea fully admitting that it came from a drunken dream.

The Dream

The dream came as a result of drinking too much whilst watching the Australia vs Wales rugby game, and playing Anthem afterwards before going to bed. In the dream hoboboyo was playing Strongholds with modifiers attached to them that offered additional points and rewards, similar to how Nightfalls work in Destiny 2.

Why do Strongholds Need Modifiers?

The thing about Strongholds at the moment is that they’re the same every time you play them. You can put the difficulty up, but once you’re at Grandmaster 3 there’s not much else to do.

Modifiers would add a layer of replayability to Strongholds that would keep Freelancers coming back again and again. The different modifiers would change up how Freelancers approach each combat encounter, or puzzle, and make things really interesting for the bosses.

What Modifiers Could Strongholds Have?

As far as this idea goes, the modifiers would change on a weekly rotation, like the weekly store reset. This would mean that no Stronghold is the same from week to week if you’re playing with modifiers on.

The modifiers themselves could be similar to those seen in the Cataclysm. In the live event they were called Inversions, but really they’re modifiers that change the way we play. Modifiers can make it more or less beneficial to fly, hover, use a certain type of weapon, or even stay still for too long.

With modifiers altering the way a Javelin works in a Stronghold, Freelancers would need to reconsider most, if not all, areas of every Stronghold.

What About Rewards?

The modifiers would change the way the Stronghold works, and personally I think they should be available on all difficulties so that Strongholds are interesting for all Freelancers.

With the rewards, Freelancers would earn Stronghold specific gear and weapons if BioWare wanted to make something really special. Otherwise the modifiers would add a chance to earn some really special piece of gear that is rarer than everything else, probably Legendary.

The thing with these modifiers is that they’d award a lot of Coin, and draw in all Freelancers if they knew their chances of earning great gear was better in them. That’s why the modifiers would need to be restricted to a certain number of players each week, say 4. Not only does this keep things interesting for the Strongholds, but it also means that Freelancers have an endgame goal to work towards once running Strongholds is all they need to do.

My Take

I’ve added some of my personal thoughts into this idea already, but I think it’s great. If we had some slightly different versions of Strongholds to run, it would make Anthem a lot more interesting. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Image Source: WCCFTech

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