Howdy Vault Hunters! With it being the 10th anniversary of the Borderlands franchise, Gearbox Software is bringing a month of celebrations to Borderlands 3.

You read that right! For the whole of October, and a little of November, there will be live events in Borderlands 3 offering great rewards to all you Vault Hunters. For the next five weeks there will be a theme each week, and this week it’s Boss Week.

Boss Week

From now until the 8th of October, some bosses will have a greater chance of dropping unique Legendary items. Here’s a breakdown by boss.

  • Mouthpiece has an increased chance to drop Gatling Gun
  • KillaVolt has an increased chance to drop Brainstormer
  • Gigamind has an increased chance to drop Nagata
  • Katagawa Ball has an increased chance to drop Rectifier
  • Katagawa has an increased chance to drop Legendary class mods (all Vault Hunters)
  • Rampager has an increased chance to drop Kill-o’-the-Wisp
  • Warden has an increased chance to drop Echo
  • GenIVIV has an increased chance to drop Ten Gallon
  • Aurelia has an increased chance to drop Creeping Death
  • Graveward has an increased chance to drop Earworm
  • Pain and Terror have an increased chance to drop Legendary class mods (all Vault Hunters)
  • Troy has an increased chance to drop Nova Berner
  • Tyreen has an increased chance to drop Bitch

Taking on all of these bosses this week will maximise your chances of getting all this loot. There will also be further celebrations, so take a look at the image below and read on for some speculation about the activities.


Week 1 – Bonus Boss Loot (October 1st to 7th)

We know what this one is, read the above if you skipped to here.

Week 2 – Rare Spawn Hunt! (October 8th to 14th)

This celebration sounds like it’s going to spawn some rare enemies in certain locations in Borderlands 3, and we’ll have to head out to take them down if we want the loot they drop. I’m looking forward to this because it’s all about hunting down epic monsters!

Week 3 – Show Me The Eridium! (October 15th to 21st)

Who knows that this is? I reckon it’ll have something to do with Eridium, maybe collecting as much as possible for a big community-wide reward? Only time will tell with this one, let me know your theories in the comments.

Week 4 – Mayhem on Twitch! (October 22nd to 28th)

Okay, this week will have something to do with Twitch. I don’t see Gearbox Software asking us to watch a certain amount of Borderlands 3, but maybe they’ll need us to reach a certain number of hours streamed. This will be interesting because it’ll see the community take to the streaming platform as a whole. Either that, or there will be new rewards for watching/streaming Borderlands 3 on Twitch every day of the week.

Week 5 – Spooky Surprise! (October 26th to November 4th)

We know that a Halloween event is going to occur at some point in Borderlands 3 in October, but I don’t think it will be restricted to this week. I think this week will see something truly awesome and spooky happen on a wider scale, and the rewards for that will be the thing we’re playing for.

My Take

The game is about a month old at this point, and already we’re getting a huge community celebration. I’m thrilled with Borderlands 3, and with this whole 10 year anniversary month. Let me know you thoughts on the content in the comments.

Image Source: Borderlands

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