Howdy Vault Hunters! Yesterday’s hotfix patch for Borderlands 3 fixed a tonne of stuff, making the game better for all of you.

I’m going to dive in and check out the hotfix notes in detail here, as I did with the last one, and see exactly how Gearbox Software has improved Borderlands 3.


An issue has been fixed that caused an infinite loop when hitting the rank of Guardian experience ceiling. You can say goodbye to that nonsense and hello to a functional system once again.

General Fixes and Improvements

The Guardian Rank skill, Hollow Point, no longer damages allies. That was super annoying. It’s important to note that this skill has also been re-enabled, so be thankful for that.

Over on Xbox an issue with the Ultimate Vault Hunter achievement not unlocking has been corrected. Go and get it you crazy achievement hunters.

Another issue that caused the mouse connection for PC Vault Hunters to be lost when joining a friend’s session has been fixed too. This, I can imagine, was the worst when it happened.

An issue with the bank not saving a Vault Hunter’s inventory has also been fixed. I’ve not experienced this myself, but once again it must have been hell.

Vault Hunter Adjustments


A big focus with tis hotfix is on Rakk Attack! The ability that deals continuous damage. Gearbox Software also pointed out that they’ve disabled the abilityfor FL4K’s pets to move characters around because it was consuming too much time.

The Rakk Attack! status effect has been increased by 100 percent. So it’s doing double the damage!

There’s now a re-trigger delay on Leave No Trace of 2 seconds, which I think is there to make FL4K a little less overpowered.

The stat bonus for Barbaric Yawp has been increased by 100 percent. Again, this is probably to make the game more fun to play as FL4K.

The prompt to touch pets is now a lower priority, and shouldn’t get in the way of looting all the good stuff you’ve just found. This is really annoying, thanks Gearbox Software for fixing it.


In order to curb the power of the Infinite Grenade build that Vault Hunters have been using with Moze, there’s now a 2 second re-trigger delay on Means of Destruction. This should really stop the build being a true monster in the wilds.

Miscellaneous Changes

First up are some boss adjustments to Gigamind, Katagawa Ball, and Billy the Anointed. All three were more difficult than intended, so they’ve been altered. Gigamind’s health has been pulled down because it had too much. Katagawa Ball now no longer regenerates its shield, which was causing an unfair advantage since Vault Hunters also have to deal with other enemies in this fight. Finally, Billy the Anointed has had 25 percent of its health removed because the fight always went on too long.

In order to make Cistern of Slaughter more fun, bloated Rakks will no longer spawn Rakklesnakes.

The cooldown values on display fro Zane have been reduced, but I think this is more a UI fix than an actual change.

Amara’s Glamour will now actually turn enemies against one another, as the skill description says it will.

Spiderant Emperors were occasionally not burrowing back into the ground, which was blocking progression in the Proving Ground of Survival. This issue is now fixed, though Gearbox Software didn’t say what they did to the Spiderant Emperors.

An issue that could have stopped enemies spawning while in Devil’s Razor has been corrected.

Lavender Crawly has had their physics fixed so that they don’t pop out of the world like a balloon, as Gearbox Software put it. In addition, Apollo has been safeguarded from being thrown out of the world.

The Rampager is now going to stop gong into an idle animation at inappropriate times, keeping everything exciting.

The attacks of the Saurian Slingers have been addressed.

Guardians will now use all of their attacks in playthrough 2, and Guardian Wraiths now use their ranged attacks reliably.

Some NPCs in the Slaughter maps were attempting to revive players automatically in the arena. This isn’t going to happen anymore.

The glow effect from opening Eririum Ammo Chests has been dulled so that not only are you not blinded by it, but you can actually see what’s in them.

My Take

Another solid hotfix. I think Gearbox Software are ruining some fun with that nerf to the Infinite Grenade build, but at the same time they have a game to keep engaging here. If we were all that powerful we’d stop playing. I’m excited to dive in with these new changes and try out some bosses for some new loot, since that’s the event that’s going on this week.

Let me know what you think of the update in the comments.

Image Source: GameCrate

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