Howdy Green Bloods! Earlier this week Patch 1 for Greedfall went live, and it’s now live for console too.

I’m going to cover all of the notes for Patch 1 here so that you can catch up on what’s been fixed, which bugs have been squashed, and where the game is in terms of being completely perfect. Spiders mentioned this patch was coming recently, but only now are we able to go through it in all this detail.


It’s now possible to change the size of subtitles. This is such a subtle change to make, but I really enjoy being able to tweak it in the games that offer it. I’m pretty deaf so it helps me keep up with what the hell is happening on-screen.

Camera bobbing is no longer a thing! Apparently us Green Bloods have been given more control over the game’s camera, so we shouldn’t run into issues with it like we have been.

The final feature patch is for the X-Axis. Apparently some of you monsters needed it inverting, so that is now an option. For the record, it’s still wrong.

Quest Fixes

Spiders has fixed a number of quests, but they’ve pointed out a few key ones that they thought we’d be eager to know about. Let’s take a look at the quests and how they’ve been fixed.

The Prince’s Secret

This quest had some issues unlocking, but that’s now been corrected. It should unlock as intended.

Trials of Water

The issue with this quest was directly related to The Prince’s Secret not unlocking correctly. But the gist of this fix is that this quest will now continue properly.

Vasco’s First Personal Quest

The first personal quest you do for Vasco now works properly. I’, not sure if you had an issue with it, but it’s working as intended now.

The Seeds

This mission now unlock’s the Sanctuary during the main quest. Previously it didn’t, and that was quite the issue for many Green Bloods.


I’m not sure what the name of the quest this fix relates to is. But what Spiders have said is that it’s now possible to properly open the Black Box after following Ruben. I hope that helps!


Thanks to the feedback of Green Bloods from the regions, Polish, Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian localisations have been improved. I love this, because it’s basically a fix that was created solely on feedback from you guys.

French and English localisations have also seen a number of corrections. I think that making a game for languages that aren’t your first is always going to be difficult, particularly with an invented language in the game as well. It’s good to see thee continued improvements getting made.


Ranges Shadow Impact, the mage skill, has been modified. The patch notes don’t say how, so you Green Bloods need to get out there and find out how it’s been altered.

If you’ve ever encountered those pesky aggro areas that seem to draw enemies to you no matter what, don’t worry because they’ve been fixed. I would like to see this tested though, so get out there Green Bloods!


Most key bindings for PC Green Bloods should now work. Spiders says that they’ve fixed most key binding issues, but they don’t say all, so watch out.

The Curiosity Cabinet trophy is now fixed! It might mean that you need to start a new playthrough in order to get it, but it’s now possible to pick up the platinum for all you PS4 Green Bloods.

Other engine fixes include bug fixes and various crash fixes. Spiders hasn’t gone into detail because they’re minor, but also probably because they’re really silly things not all of us care to read about.


An important death scene didn’t have any musical fadeout, you know the one. This has now been corrected so it’s not so silly.


For some quest dialogues the camera was just in a mental position. This has been fixed up so that it presents a better way for us Green Bloods to see everything.

My Take

Every single one of these fixes serves the Green Blood community. It’s so good to see the community working with the developer to improve the game, but also to see the developer putting the effort in to make these fixes. For me, this is a solid patch that’s very welcome. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: RPG Site

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