Howdy Vault Hunters! One among you has been toiling away behind the scenes to create a tool that is going to help us all immensely. A build crafter for Borderlands 3.

Reddit user Mukilol shared their creation recently, named Initially they had planned to get it out just after Borderlands 3 launched, but with vacations they actually only just ended up putting the site live. Still, this is a really useful resource for those of us who enjoy chopping and changing a build to make it suitable for various purposes.

Right now there are two main uses for the website, let’s check them out.

Borderlands 3 Skill Planner

The first use for is as a skill planner. Vault Hunters don’t have all the skills right from the word go in Borderlands 3, but it’s still good to plan ahead, hence this feature. Basically, it allows you to pick and choose where you’re going to put your skill points, and what the affect of those will be in the final build.

The end goal of this is to have a build that you want to work towards, and share. You’re able to link to the build and share it with anyone you want to, but ultimately it’s something you can look at every time you’re adding skills.

Borderlands 3 Build Sharing

The second core use for is as a way to share builds in the Borderlands 3 community. I know I mentioned that above, but that wasn’t on the same level that I’m talking about here.

This feature of the site allows Vault Hunters to share their builds and discuss them, voting them up or down depending on if they think they’re good, and much more. It’s also a really good way to look through builds to find one that you think would be fun, or suit your playstyle, so that you can reset your character and create that very build.


The site is brand new and still growing. As such, the creator wants to know where they should take it next. What features should be introduced moving forward to make it a viable tool for years to come?

Many Vault Hunters have offered their thoughts such as a comparison option between builds, step by step guides, and a gear calculator that allows you to fill in the gear yourself, because there’s a lot in Borderlands 3.


One Vault Hunter requested that this website be made into an app, which is a great idea for all the reasons the site exists in the first place. However, Gearbox Software might not be on board with an unofficial Borderlands 3-associated app. If they were, they certainly wouldn’t be on board with it being a paid for app, so all the work that goes into creating it would be unpaid. On that basis, I understand if an app never happens, but still with is does in the future.

My Take

Games like Borderlands 3 and Anthem need sites that allow you to check out potential builds as this one does. It’s a way of enjoying the game on a new level, one that doesn’t require you to be playing it. I hope the site flourishes and becomes essential to the community.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Image Source: RockPaperShotgun

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