Howdy Grey Wardens! I’ve just found out that one of my favourite characters from Dragon Age 2 is returning in comic form, and I’m super excited about it.

Dark Horse Comics has produced such wonderful Dragon Age publications in the past as Knight Errant, Silent Grove, and Mage Killer, all of which have both brought old characters back into the fold, and introduced new ones. With their latest release for the franchise they’re focusing on one of my favourite characters ever, Fenris.


As if you don’t know. Fenris is a character from Dragon Age 2, a broody elf, who was one of the closest companions for Hawke. For me he also ended up being a romance option, which sort of happened out of the blue without me intending for it to. I cheated on Anders with him, and they almost found out about each other. Luckily Fenris wasn’t too pissed off with me for not going back to him, but all this is beside the point.

Bloody Mages

Fenris really hates mages, like a lot of people in the Dragon Age universe, but he’s actually got a good reason. His mage master carved out a pattern in Fenris’ skin, then poured lyrium into that pattern. As a result, Fenris has some insane magical potential, but he also suffers quite badly because he’s got magic fused with his being. Anyone who played with him in Dragon Age 2 knows how powerful he can be, and I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of this action in the new comic.

Blue Wraith

The new Dark Horse comic is called Blue Wraith, and comes in three issues. It will begin with the fanatical Quinari attempting to destroy the Tevinter mageocracy. In the middle of this is a mage who’s searching for her father, a man who is clearly in danger.

This search brings the mage face to face with a mage hunter known as the Blue Wraith, and that’s Fenris.

Dragon Age 4

Fenris has been out of the picture since Dragon Age 2, but it’s speculated that he’ll be in Dragon Age 4 because of his ties to the Tevinter Imperium. It sounds as if the comic is set in Tevinter, so there’s some credence to these rumours after all, so it seems.

The new comic launches in January, which leaves loads of time for Dragon Age 4 to be announced. BioWare is working on the game, we know that much, but nothing more than a stylistic trailer has been released so far. Maybe this comic will launch in conjunction with some sort of announcement.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: Gayming Magazine

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