Howdy Vault Hunters! I do’t know if you’ve been dying to see what FL4K really looks like under that cloth, but now we can see!

GamesRadar recently reported on a new piece of concept art for Borderlands 3 that shows off FL4K in all hist glory, no clothes! As possibly my favourite character in the game, I knew I’d have to highlight this to you because it makes him even more interesting, at least to me. Check out the concept art below and read on for more.

What a Beast…master

FL4K the Beastmaster is played by voice actor SungWon Cho, and was designed by Max Davenport. Both of these people have done phenomenal work bringing such an interesting character to life. FL4K could have just been left as a human Beastmaster, but the fact that he’s also this robot just makes him so much more appealing.

While it would seem like this concept art should offer some insight into FL4K’s past, we don’t actually get any close to understanding his origins just by knowing that’ hes skinny and yellow underneath that garb.


A lot of Vault Hunters are interested in where FL4K came from, who he is, and what his original purpose might have been. It was thought that he’d eventually be revealed as Loader Bot from the Telltale Games series, Tales From The Borderlands, but that doesn’t seem to be the case right now.

There’s an Echo Log in Borderlands 3 that reveals a little about FL4K though. The log explains that he was once an Indexing Unit, for a character known as the Grand Archivist. However, he then developed a personality and left to pursue a career as a Beastmaster.

Grand Archivist

In the Borderlands universe, someone with the title of Grand Archivist is clearly a person with a lot of knowledge, or access to a lot of knowledge at the very least. If it was me, I’d be organising and cataloguing everything in the known universe, if I had given myself that title.

An Indexing Unit would definitely be a robot that is simply tasked with taking information to the right place, where it will be stored. I can’t say I blame FL4K for developing a personality and getting out of that gig, it sounds really dull.

However, I find it interesting that FL4K suddenly developed this personality, and a desire to be a Beastmaster. I think that rather than his programming allowing this personality to develop, FL4K probably accessed some information he wasn’t supposed to. Maybe something broke and blasted him with its contents, or maybe someone deliberately changed FL4K.

However it happened, I think FL4K stole information from the Grand Archivist, intentionally or unintentionally. I think this is going to come back to bite the Vault Hunter in the ass at some point in Borderlands 3’s future, and I cant wait to see how this story develops.

Image Sources: Twitter, EGM


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