Howdy Freelancers! One of you has been incredibly creative and made a new Javelin build. This one is for the Colossus, and has been colourfully named the ‘Autobot’ build. Check out the image of the Javelin build below and read on for more details.

Let’s break down the build by gear sections. As you can see every item is Legendary and at the highest possible level.


Lightning Rod

  • +95 percent to maximum armour
  • +25 percent to gear damage
  • +20 percent to Ultimate recharge
  • +13 percent to weapon damage

Divine Vengeance

  • +95 percent to maximum armour
  • +12 percent to repair amount
  • +15 percent to gear recharge
  • +70 percent to maximum armour

Meteor Smash

  • +225 percent to weapon damage
  • +10 percent to repair amount
  • +18 percent to weapon damage
  • +75 percent to weapon damage

As you can see, the core of the perks here are to building up the armour and weapon strength. Gear damage also gets a good boost here too, which seems like it’ll only help with general damage output


Solvent Green

  • +225 percent gear damage
  • +20 percent weapon damage
  • -17 percent auto rifle ammo
  • +75 percent gear damage

Vessa’s Arc

  • +100 percent gear charges
  • +30 percent repair drop rate
  • +18 percent weapon damage
  • +18 percent gear recharge

Berserker’s Cry

  • +29 percent combo blast damage
  • +50 percent pickup radius
  • +16 percent shotgun ammo
  • +35 percent gear recharge

Again we see a big boost to weapon and gear damage here, but there are also a couple of perks that make life easier, like the increased pickup radius, making for an easier to use Javelin.


Rapid Hollow Points

  • +33 percent combo blast damage
  • +20 percent force

Emergency Power

  • +33 percent combo blast damage
  • +33 percent combo impact damage

Rejuvenating Ammo

  • +33 percent combo blast damage
  • +15 percent weapon damage


  • +70 percent melee damage
  • +19 percent combo blast damage

Catalytic Overdrive

Shock Treatment

I wonder if it’s as obvious to you as it is to me that combo blast damage is the focus here? Well that’s where all of the increases are geared towards, but there are also some other boosts to the likes of melee damage.

Creator’s Description

Reddit user LovedBot who created this build describes this as a melee/auto combo Colossus Javelin build. The main focus is on all primaries, with Meteor Smash and Solvent Green (single target debuffing), and making Vassa’s Ark detonate while everything else in the build continues to prime. The build also has a high single target burst damage from shield slam and combos.

Some Freelancers have suggested running the build with Sentinel’s Vengeance instead of Solvent Green because of the more reliable acid prime it induces. However, Solvent Green is a big boost to combo blast damage, so the trade off for switching it out is severe.

If you have a Javelin build that you’d like to showcase to others then get in touch with me through Twitter, Instagram, or the contact form here on the site.

Let me know if you use this build in the comments.

Image Source: Reddit,

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