Howdy Freelancers! It’s been a while right? You don’t need to tell me, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, things have been rocky with Anthem. Here I’m going to be real with you and explain why this blog stopped being updated, and what my plan is with it moving forward.


February 2 was my last post on this blog. I’d been running on fumes for a while, but I was just about managing to keep it together. The thing is, that’s no way to be, and eventually it’ll catch up with you if you don’t replenish your energy.

My mum died in February 2018, and ever since, I’ve not been able to get through February without feeling that same sense of loss. It absolutely kills me. One moment I can barely move. The next, I have so much manic energy that I can run 12 miles and barely feel it. It’s scary, and it’s something that I had to take steps to address.

Part of keeping my own sanity was putting a pause on this blog for a while. However, that actually allowed me to flourish in an unexpected way.

Doing What I love

I’ve been trying to make freelance writing work for 18 months now. At this point, it’s paying me enough to support my family. In February it wasn’t. This year, however crap it’s been, has been fantastic for my freelance business. Without pausing on this blog, I wouldn’t have had the time to look for the clients I now have. I’m not massively successful, at least by my own standards, but I’m getting the job done and am earning a living.

However, today someone managed to have a detrimental effect on my work life. This hasn’t happened since I worked in a crappy SEO job. In both cases, it’s because someone has a problem with me for no reason.

On the down side, I’m not earning as much, but I’ve recouped that loss elsewhere. On the plus side, I’m free of the one stress in my otherwise ideal job. I also have more time now, even though I’m earning the same/more. That’s why I’m back on this blog.

Still no Anthem

Okay, so onto the Anthem content. We all know that Anthem has struggled. I still think it’s a great game, but most people, even those I thought I respected in games journalism, just assume it’s bad without trying it because of its reception. BioWare is working on Anthem 2.0, or Anthem Next, whatever we call it now. That is going to be incredible, but it’s still a ways off.

In the meantime, I’m going to get back to covering similar games. by that I mean other Bioware games, other looter shooters that I enjoy, such as Borderlands 3, and games that feel like they should be part of the Bioware family. I want to make this blog work again.


When it comes right down to it, this blog costs me money to keep running. I’m not asking you guys for any donations or anything. What I am asking for is lenience when it comes to ads and affiliate marketing.

I’ve worked in SEO for a long time, and I know that I can turn this blog into something that generates enough money to cover its costs. If it makes a little more, then I’ll do a little more with it for you. that might be a wider range of games coverage, or just silly video stuff. Who knows?

Basically, I’m going to be putting up ads, and I’m going to be putting up affiliate marketing links. If you don’t like those, then don’t click them. If you use them though, and I’ll always make them obvious, then it will help support me as a writer.

You’ll also see the occasional post that is designed to work for ranking in Google. That’s all part of me growing as a writer and learning skills to offer to new clients. It’ll also probably help with the cash side too.

My hope is that by being this brutally honest with you, you’ll stick around for the ride. I still can’t wait to see what Bioware turn Anthem into, and I’m never going to stop telling people it’s good.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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