Back in the day, and even when the Mass Effect Trilogy was released, nobody bothered with a Mass Effect 1 Renegade playthrough. With the remastered trilogy on the horizon, I think that now is the perfect time to load the game up and start this barely seen storyline for yourself.

Why Play Mass Effect 1 Now?

Mass Effect 1 is a fantastic game. It’s also the reason that the remastered Mass Effect Trilogy is taking so long to release. The game gave us our first glimpse into the sci-fi universe that Bioware had created. Since then, three more games have been spawned. In the mainline series at least.

Since you’ve got to wait until next year for the new trilogy to release, and Anthem 2.0 or Dragon Age 4 aren’t coming out soon either, you may as well go back to the start of one of these series.

Why a Mass Effect 1 Renegade Playthrough?

Here’s the thing about being a Renegade Shepard, no one has really done it. In an article from Kotaku, you can see that about 92% of players actually went down the Paragon route. I myself did as well. The only reason I took on any Renegade actions were by mistake. I actually punched a journalist in the face, and I still feel terrible about it.

This means that most people haven’t actually seen the true Renegade playthrough in Mass Effect 1. It’s something of an anomaly. Sure, you could go to YouTube and simply search for the Renegade options and endings, but why would you?

Deep down you know that you’ve never wanted to play Mass Effect 1 more in your life than right now. With all the news about the trilogy remaster floating around, you, like me, are buzzing to get back into this universe.

You also know that looking anything up is cheating, and totally against the spirit of what the Bioware community is about. We only want to see the content that we’ve played through ourselves. To hell with all that stuff online, we only want to know what’s there based on the time we’ve spent in these games.

so there we have it. That’s why you should start a Mass Effect 1 Renegade playthrough right now. Let me know if you do in the comments.

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