Howdy Freelancers! On Friday, Studio Director at Bioware Christian Dailey shared some new Anthem concept art on Twitter. He then left the internet to positively boil over about it, like someone blowing up a building as they walk away with shades on.

The tweet in question is as follows.

The fact that Christian Dailey did this shows that he knew what kind of a stir these images would make. They’re new concept art that I’ve not seen before in the previously released Anthem artwork books. Though I could be wrong on this one. Please let me know in the comments if I am.

Many YouTubers and other Anthem fans have started to try to pick these images apart. They’re also where I picked up the fact that they have Javelin placeholders. More than anything, these show the size and scale of the area compared even to those hulking machines. This is going to be an incredible place to explore. That is, if it’s coming with Anthem Next/2.0.

Let’s go through them one by one.

This image looks quite a lot like a hub and social space. It would make sense to have multiple social areas in the game, Fort Tarsis already kind of does. This could be where Freelancers gather specifically, because no one else is going to fly up this high.

You can just about see a person poking out inside the building in the middle left side of this image. Again, it makes the place look massive. I quite like that though. It makes me think that you could see some Freelancers flying around the world, whilst you’re down there chatting away to people.

Finally we have this beauty of an overview shot of the whole place. It’s some sort of tower above the clouds. I think it’s a perfect landing spot for Freelancers, one that could even be part of a new overworld for Freelancers to explore.

Imagine the jump out of this thing down to the world. Heck, imagine if this is where you could launch int air-based PVP too! This area has a lot of potential as far as I’m concerned, and that’s why it’s so damn frustrating that we have no more information on it.

Let me know what you think in the comments Freelancers.

Image Source: Twitter

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