Mass Effect 3 is a big old game. It’s one that you could play through a few times and still never see every possible ending. However, you might also just want a playthrough that’s moving from the start to the end with nothing in-between. Without a guide like mine, you’ll never know how with all the lovely side missions out there. Luckily for you, I’ve got a guide for the perfect Mass Effect 3 mission order here which is going to blow your mind.

Core Mass Effect 3 Mission Order

With this mission order you don’t need to complete any side missions unless you want. to. This is the most direct route from the game’s beginning to end.


Get through these early missions first.

  • Prologue: Earth – Get out of dodge, get to the Normandy SR-2, and escape the Reapers.
  • Mars: Get to the red planet, save Liara T’Soni from Cerberus, and get her data on the Crucible. It’s a weapon capable of murdering reapers.
  • The Citadel 1: Get to The Citadel and start rallying sentient races from across the galaxy to fight the Reapers.

Act 1

Now we’re into the game proper. These are the missions you need to do next.

  • Palaven: Rescue yourself a Turian primarch.
  • Sur’Kesh: You need to hold a war summit with leaders of the Turians, Salarians, and Krogans. Then you’ll need to protect a female Krogan from Cerberus.
  • Tuchanka: Next on the list is escorting that female Krogan, and a Salarian scientist, to the Shroud. This is so that you can disperse a cure for the genophage that has afflicted the Krogan for so long.

Act 2

This is the meat of the game, and the longest section.

  • The Citadel 2: Cerberus will attempt a coup, rescue the Council from it.
  • Perseus Veil: There are some Quarian representatives who wish to meet with you about the Crucible, meet them.
  • Geth Dreadnought: The Migrant Fleet is at risk of being destroyed by a Geth Dreadnought, infiltrate it and destroy it to prevent this from happening.
  • Rannoch: There’s a signal on Rannoch, inside a Reaper base, which is upgrading the Geth. Stop it.
  • The Citadel 3: An Asari Counciler is willing to meet with you to tell you a clue as to the location of the Catalyst. Do not miss this appointment.
  • Thessia: Thessia is being destoryed by the Reapers. Get there and take the vital information before the planet is consumed.
  • Horizon: There’s a refugee centre on Horizon with a mysterious link to Cerberus. find out what’s going on.

Act 3

This is the game’s final act. Get ready for an ending.

  • Cerberus Headquarters: There’s a Prothean VI that is able to identify the Catalyst, you need to assault Cerberus’ Headquarters in order to get it though.
  • Earth: Launch the final battle against the Reapers on Earth, and deploy the Crucible.

I hope this all makes sense. Just follow the Mass Effect 3 mission order exactly and you’ll get what you need. A big bang of a story with no sidetracking. Stay tuned for a side mission and scanning order soon.

Image Source: IGN

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