The Mass Effect series is full of romance. It’s not what you’d expect from a sci-fi epic about saving the universe from pure evil, but really there is just so much in there. In Mass Effect 2, one of the most interesting romance options is Tali’Zorah nar Rayya. She’s a Quarian that you rescue early on in the game. She’ll join your crew as a result, and of course, she’s a romance option. What follows is a little guide on the Tali romance Mass Effect 2 has to offer.

Tali Romance Mass Effect 2

After Tali joins Shepard, you’ll be told by Yeoman Kelly Chambers that it’s been noted that she may have feelings for you. At this point in the game, you’re simply informed that Tali is looking at you in a certain way, nothing more just yet. Kasumi Goto also tells Shepard that Tali talks about them.

The first thing you’ll need to do if you want to head down the romance line with Tali is complete her loyalty mission. This will crop up naturally, and you have the option to completely ignore it. Don’t do that if you want to romance her though.

With the loyalty mission complete, you’ll now need to talk to Tali. She’ll say that she’s got a little sick from an infection since Quarians usually spend their entire lives inside of their suits. She goes on to talk about how Quarians become intimate, linking parts of their suits, and becomes embarrassed.

At this point you can tell Tali that you like her, and start this relationship on the road to romance.

Before you can do anything though, you both need to do some research. Any affection, even kissing, could kill Tali. She’ll go off and figure out what immune booster she can take. Shepard on the other hand, can go to see Mordin Solus. He’ll give you some advice about sterilising, and even forward some physiology notes. He also throws in some positions he believes might be enjoyable.

When the Normandy is getting close to entering the Omega 4 Relay, Tali will approach Shepard in their chamber. She’ll say that she’s taken several immune boosters, and is ready to go. The scene will play out as all romance options do. It’ll fade to black, and you’ll be met with the two cuddling after everything is over.

If Tali survives the final mission, she’ll tell Shepard that she’s sick as a dog. She’s running a temperature, feels awful, and has sinuses full of gunk. She’ll also tell you that it was totally worth it though.

Lair of the Shadow Broker Bonus

In the DLC, Lair of the Shadow Broker, there’s some interesting dialogue that links in with Tali’s romance. Bringing Liara aboard the Normandy will see her ask Shepard if they’re fighting to give Tali a new homeworld. In saying yes, Shepard reveals that Tali is important to them. Should Shepard respond coldly, Liara will say that Tali is naive, and didn’t want to add to the competition.

It’s an interesting bit of dialogue that you may miss otherwise, so bear it in mind when you’re playing next.

That’s everything there is to know about Tali romance in Mass Effect 2. Let me know your thoughts on it all in the comments.

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