One of the most contentious missions in Mass Effect Andromeda is all about the protestors. This is actually all part of the mission called Sleeping Dragons, and it’s one that many players want to explore. Here I’m going to outline exactly how to can complete this mission, as well as the various paths that you can take leading up to it, through it, and after it.

Prerequisite – A Better Beginning

The only prerequisite to this mission is the one called “A Better Beginning”. This mission sees you choose between making Prodromos either military-based or research-based. When you return to the Nexus, you’ll then find these Mass Effect Andromeda protestors hanging out in the Hydroponic Gardens.

All you have to do to pick the mission up is walk over to the protestors. Alternatively, one of the militia nearby will give you some information on the situation, and you’ll pick the mission up that way.

Sleeping Dragons Walkthrough

Step 1 – Speak to the Protestors

Now you’ll need to speak with one of the protestors named Rhys. You discover through this conversation that the group are angry at the Nexus, and the Pathfinder’s decision for Prodromos. The decision pushed the families of these protestors back in deployment priority, separating them al into different blocks. Whatever you choose, the protestors want you to go and speak to the leadership and get their families out.

Step 2 – Speak to Kandros

Now you need to go and speak to Trian Kandros, who will bring together the Nexus leadership to discuss the situation. They will then tell you that there isn’t enough space, and there aren’t enough resources available, to awaken every family that has been requested. Even with Prodromos, there could be issues if all of these people are woken up.

At this point you have a choice. Side with the leadership, or side with the protestors.

Option 1 – Side with the Leadership

Should you side with the Nexus leadership on this one, you’ll need to go and tell the protestors. The protest gets out of hand, and militia are taking people away. At this point you have some dialogue, and the outcome of the conversation can see Rhys either stay, or leave the Nexus.

Option 1 – Side with the Protestors

Siding with the protestors gives them the power to revive their families from the Colonial Affairs deck. Rhys will approach you while you’re putting in the override codes and thank you. The result of this choose is that resources are pushed to their limit. As a result, those on the Hyperion have to wait even longer to be released.


There aren’t actually any consequences to this choice, outside of what I’ve outlined above. It’s a fairly standard quest in that sense, and seems far more complex than it actually is.

That’s everything you need to know about the Mass Effect Andromeda protestors. Let me know what you chose in the comments.

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