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Sony Offering Anthem Refunds Situation

Howdy Freelancers! A little bit of news has once again leaked out of the Anthem community over on the subreddit. This time though it looks as if it’s been more of a positive bash at Anthem, in a weird way, rather than a complete annihilation of the game’s reputation.

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Ben Irving Details Loot Update

Howdy Freelancers! Over on Reddit Ben Irving jumped in to tell us all about the Inscription loot update coming to Anthem. This update should now be live, though I believe it’s still being rolled out over the course of today. If you haven’t seen an update yet, you will soon. The update is intended to address the recent complains from the community regarding loot drops.

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Anthem Top of UK Physical Charts

Howdy Freelancers! The UK game sales chart tracks only physical boxed sales of games sold over the course of a week. Last week’s sales track from Sunday the 17th of February to Saturday the 23rd of February, of which Anthem will have been out for only two days.

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Anthem Wallpaper – Updated Weekly

Howdy Freelancers! I’ve been part of the Anthem community for a little while now, and I have to say that there are a lot of images out there that you could use as wallpaper, and actual wallpaper images that community members have created. I thought it would be a good idea to collect all of this wallpaper, and what is effectively fan art, in one place. I’m going to update this article weekly with all the new wallpaper I find from around the Anthem community, putting the most recent content at the top of the article, and the oldest towards the bottom.