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Lore 6

Vara and the New Dominion Faction

Howdy Freelancers! With the Cataclysm firmly on its way I thought I’d explore a little of what we’ll be seeing in it. As those of you in the PTS will know, Vara is the big boss of the Cataclysm, but who is she and who are the Dominion faction she commands? Beware, spoilers ahead.

Lore 0

Who Are The Legion Of Dawn?

Howdy Freelancers! In the most recent trailer for Anthem we got a glimpse at the precursors to those piloting Javelins in the current day of the game. You Freelancers! But who were the Legion of Dawn? What were they about, and why did they create the first Javelins? Let’s explore the lore, but first check out the trailer below.