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News 1

Update on the Anthem VIP Demo

Howdy Freelancers! If you haven’t noticed, EA have published an update to the information they have available on the upcoming VIP early access demo for Anthem. This information is pretty important, because it may require you to either do something quick to ensure you’re playing on the 25th of January, or simple keep an eye out for a download.

Community 1

Black Market Feature Request for Anthem

A fan request over on the Anthem subreddit has sparked quite the conversation regarding what user BlueFlared1 is calling the ‘Black Market’. This request, while not an actual feature request for the final version of Anthem, is seriously interesting nonetheless. BlueFlared1 posted it right towards the end of 2018, but the feature has since made its way back up to the front page of the subreddit and is drawing a lot of attention. So let’s have a look at how this feature would work.

News 5

What to Expect From the February Demos of Anthem

Howdy Freelancers and happy new year 2019! It’s been a long ride waiting for Anthem but we’re finally just 50 days out from the game’s full release. We’re probably going to start seeing a lot more details emerge over the next few weeks as February and the demos creep up on us, but we’ve already gleamed loads from one location in particular.

Lore 0

Who Are The Legion Of Dawn?

Howdy Freelancers! In the most recent trailer for Anthem we got a glimpse at the precursors to those piloting Javelins in the current day of the game. You Freelancers! But who were the Legion of Dawn? What were they about, and why did they create the first Javelins? Let’s explore the lore, but first check out the trailer below.