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Lore 6

Vara and the New Dominion Faction

Howdy Freelancers! With the Cataclysm firmly on its way I thought I’d explore a little of what we’ll be seeing in it. As those of you in the PTS will know, Vara is the big boss of the Cataclysm, but who is she and who are the Dominion faction she commands? Beware, spoilers ahead.

News 3


Howdy Freelancers! Over the weekend you probably noticed some new content in Anthem. This was caused by an update going live earlier than intended, but it gave us all a glimpse at what’s coming when the pre-Cataclysm content finally does release.

News 9

Something is Happening in Anthem

Howdy Freelancers! You may or may not have noticed the new strange goings on in the world of Anthem. If you haven’t then buckle up because you’re in for a ride, and if you have, I hope my speculation goes some way to helping your writhing anticipation.

News 1

Cataclysm PTS Update Notes Explored – 10/07/2019

Howdy Freelancers! So yesterday, very late in the day for me in the UK, Jesse Anderson, Community Manager at Bioware, shared some update notes with us for the Cataclysm PTS. These notes aren’t hugely extensive, but thats a good thing because it means the Cataclysm is probably close to hitting the main game. Let’s dive in and see if there’s anything else to be gleaned from these notes, like I always do.