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Anthem Developer Livestream: Legendary Missions – Analysed

Howdy Freelancers! I, like may of you, watched the most recent developer livestream on Anthem and Legendary Missions. I thought it would be good to go through the personal highlights I had from the stream and discuss them a little, just in case you missed them. There doesn’t seem to be a supplement with the stream of what exactly is happening so I guess this can act as that. I wanted to point out that the guys running the stream were; AJ on sticks, and then Chris Schmidt and Jesse Anderson doing the talking stuff.

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Delete Your Demos, Anthem Is Big

Howdy Freelancers! Michael Gamble has drip fed us another bit of news over on his Twitter account, as he so often does. This news relates to the demo files you might still have sitting around on your PC, Xbox One, or Playstation 4. Check out the Tweet below and read on to find out more as I explore this little tidbit.

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Anthem Live Service Roadmap Revealed

Howdy Freelancers! I’m coming to you once again with news direct from the Twitter feed of Michael Gamble. This guy cannot contain himself, but I love that he can’t. Today he revealed the live service roadmap for Anthem, which outlines the support that Bioware have planned out for the game after it launches. Check out his Tweet below, the images are below that so you can get a better view.

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Reputation Challenges Revealed

Howdy Freelancers! It seems as though with the Open Demo finished Michael Gamble just can’t help but cause more stirrings in the world of Anthem news. Today he revealed that not only will there be reputation challenges in the final game, but that they relate to Factions as well! Check out his Tweet below and read on for more details.