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Anthem Update 1.1.1 Patch Notes Explored

Howdy Freelancers! If you’ve been on the Anthem Subreddit lately you might have seen the reaction to the patch notes for Anthem’s latest update. Update 1.1.1 hit the game today at 10AM Central Time, 3PM GMT, and fixed just a few things. Let’s dive in and have an in-depth look at exactly what has been fixed.

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Anthem Update Patch Notes Explored

Howdy Freelancers! You may have noticed that the servers for Anthem went down yesterday (what a surprise!). But that’s not because of some bug, glitch, or the tyrant EA trying to ruin your life, it was all in aid of updating the game. Update was rolled out last night for me, and now I’m going to explore the patch notes here to make sure you understand everything that’s changed.

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Ben Irving Details Loot Update

Howdy Freelancers! Over on Reddit Ben Irving jumped in to tell us all about the Inscription loot update coming to Anthem. This update should now be live, though I believe it’s still being rolled out over the course of today. If you haven’t seen an update yet, you will soon. The update is intended to address the recent complains from the community regarding loot drops.